The fastest METAL drummer

Have you ever wondered who might possess the title of the fastest metal drummer in the world? Well, your answer is here.

Born in the best year ever: 1977, George Kollias from Grece, has been playing drums since he was 12 doing covers of bands like Sepultura and Slayer. Later on, he got drumming lessons  from Greek drummer Yannis Stavropoulos, who played a major role in Kollias technique.

Kollias has played drums for a dozen of bands including, Nile, Cerebrum, Sickening Horror, Nightfall, Extremity Obsession, Deus Infestus, Demonstealer and Contrarian, just to mention some of them.

Besides being considered the fastest drummer in metal by some popular site like the, Kollias is a great musician and also plays all the other instruments that conform a metal band (plus the keyboard) and has many solo projects including a series of instructional videos so anyone can learn how to be a fast drummer.

Anyway, here is a proof of his amazing capability as the fastest metal drummer on Earth!

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